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Live an Enlightened Life, Awaken to your True Nature

                                                Ancient Techniques
                                             Leaps in Consciousness
                                                 Sacred Ceremony
​Ananda Mayi  works with those who desire to awaken to their Divine Nature, raising consciousness through Ancient Ascension Techniques. Leaps in consciousness are initiated through Spiritual Ceremony that awakening Divine Grace. 

Ananda Mayi has founded the Institute for Ascension as a way to awaken to the Love that you are and to live as it. Divine Grace creates Leaps in Consciousness that facilitate in awakening this Love, one's True Nature.


The work is done in Private Session by Ananda Mayi, a Grace Master. She is a 20 year devotee of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, or Amma. Ananda Mayi credits Amma's Unconditional Love and Grace for the Ascension Work.


Tel: 505-501-0501


New Awakenings !

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The Ascension work is easily facilitated long distance by phone. Many clients  live out of state or country and have profound awakening experiences. These Private Ascension Sessions are available to those with a strong desire to awaken  to their True Nature.


When ascending in consciousness, we awaken to our  Eternal Self,  free of the separate identity; this is an Enlightened State of Being. Full awareness as Self as Love/Consciosness is realized through Divine Grace. 


"Right now we are on the level of body , mind and intellect.  When we identify ourselves with our True Self we become expansive. "


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