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​​​​​​​​The Institute for Ascension​


The Institute for Ascension holds classes and works individually with clients interested in raising consciousness. The Grace, Bliss and Shakti of the Sacred Ceremony and Private Ascension is powerful.  They awaken the divine parts of our selves, opening to Oneness, where we become Love.
The Ascension work helps us to explore higher aspects of Divinity.  As we continue to deepen into Divine Self, True Nature; Bliss, Truth and Peace blossum. Ananda Mayi has the ability to help others reach depths of their Divinity that are exquisite and sublime.
Ananda Mayi enlivens the Awakening process, with Spiritual healing, Sacred Ceremnony, through Presence. The Private Sessions allow Ananda Mayi to hold the space for limited identity to fall, be seen as illusional, and Consciousness to awaken.
New Awakenings offered
Divine States of Being
where one is established in higher consciousness!


"All have Divine Consciousness within. Divinity is in everyone. There is only Oneness."


​Private Sessions with Ananda Mayi                         Suggested donations


  •  11/2 Hour Initial Medical Intuitive Session - $300
  • 1 Hour Medical Intuitive Session - $150
  •  1 Hour Spiritual Healing Session - $150
  •  1 Hour Spiritual Ascension Session - $150
  • Private Sacred Ceremony- 3 hour Exaltation  - $300
  • Packages are available to make the work affordable
​ *  10   Private Sessions - $1000 donation

        1  Hour Spiritual Healing Sessions


  * 10 Private Exaltation Sessions- $1500 donation

         2 Hour Exaltation Sessions 


 * 10 Sacred Ceremonies -$ 2500 donation

          3 Hour Sacred Ceremony of Exaltation



Make a Difference- Make a donation

The Foundation for Divine Love is a non-profit charity reaching out to those interested in Awakening as well as those in financial need with health issues. Experience what it is like to Live as Love, and give from the heart. 

               Donate now!


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Free Clinic

For those with medical intuitive needs without funds Ananda Mayi offers a free clinic.

Simply call for an appointment, and enjoy the benefits of Grace  - 505-501-0501

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