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Medical Intuitive Arts

Intuitive sciences are used to explore the individual in a fully holisitic manner. Holism imcorporates the physical ,mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the being to bring about equanimity. This is a unique and powerful exploration of the individual with the ability to bring balance and harmony.


Ananda Mayi works with all aspects of her clients to first create a palette of balance to then begin the work of higher consciousness. This is a profound healing on all levels of health and wellbeing.  The individual is not only seen, but aspects that are out of balance receive Grace to bring equilibrum and harmony at the highest levels.

A medical intuitive has the ability to not only see imbalance, but bring healing to aspects of an individual that are out of balance. Ananda Mayi has this gift, one of Divine sight, and uses it to facilitate health in a profound way. One's issues are worked with through Divine Grace to bring the aspect of Peace to her clients. This is a subtle but dynamic way to awaken the flow of Love Consciousness.


Ananda Mayi works with all aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit. Intuitive sciences are an adjunct to one's own medical care, not a substitute. Spiritual healing is utilized to resolve issues through Divine Grace. Ananda Mayi also uses Homeopathy, Herbology, energy work, and Transpersonal Psychology in her work to awaken awareness of Consciousness.                                                                          $300

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