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                                           ANANDA MAYI
Divine Grace is brought forth to awaken the Divinity within others. A series of Ascensions in consciousness awakens the Divine, purifies and heightens our spiritual nature. Ananda Mayi brings the Grace of the Divine to her work through Oneness with Divine Mother. She brings the gift of Grace to all, both in her work and life. The Grace of the Divine is available through the Ascension work. The height of this gift is the realization of our True Nature.




Ananda Mayi is a spiritual visionary with the gift to assist others. She is a devotee  of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, or Amma, an incarnation of the Divine Mother. Ananda Mayi facilitates in the raising of consciousness,  similar to the ancient seers of India. These "Rishis" were the ascension scientists of their time and their techniques for consciousness raising have endured.
Ananda Mayi works with all aspects of the individual, mind, body, soul. In her work, she utilizes Medical Intuitive Arts, Spiritual Healing, Holistic Health Care, Transpersonal Psychology. She has the gift of sight, blessed with Divine Comunion, and brings the Grace of the Divine to others.  She has been trained in many modalities of healing and energy work and possesses a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology. 
​Ananda Mayi has been working in the field of the Healing arts for 25 years, as a Spiritual Healer she is able to re-align self with Truth, and in the process help to create a new way of being. When one is Living as Love, they are living from their True Nature, with qualities of True Love and Compassion. When one is Living as Love they are in their natural state of balance and harmony within and with the world around them.


"The Divine Mother hears everything, sees and knows everything. The world is but a manifestation of her Divinity"



Ananda Mayi's  desire to help others awaken is based in the experience that living as Love, as Divine Self, alliveates suffering. As we ascend and deepen into our Divinity, the lower frequencies of negative thoughts, emotions and body issues become less. The innate qualities of  our universality flourish and selflessness, unconditional love and compassion  become our True Nature.

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