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Spiritual Healing

Wellness on all levels

Ananda Mayi works with the spiritual and emotional issues involved in your health. Resolving these underlining issues is a tremendous help in optimum health.

The benefits of resolution of Health Karma, and soul retrieval work , as well the laying on of hands and many other spiritual healing modalities is important to true health. 


stress rlelief


better health

better future health

Freedom from Karmic issues

oneness with spirit

authentic self 

Freedom form blocks

trauma issues resolved

old wounds resolved

emotional balance

deep understanding of Self

anger issues resolves

better sleep

more energy

many other benefits

Holistic health means body mind and spirit. Ananda works with the Grace of the Divine Mother to shift illness and old wounds, work with trauma and spiritual growth. 

Much illness just falls away as the spiritual aspect of your health is worked with and resolved through Grace. 

This is very powerful work and those that choose to work on all levels brings balance to your life.

Ananda Mayi

Transpersonal Psycholgist

Spiritual Healer

Hands on healing

Shamanic Journeying

Karmic resolution

Holistic Practitioner

Foundation for Divine Love


all by donation

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