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Ascension Oils

Ascension Oils                                                                                $150


The Ascension Oils are of the highest quality, vibration and purity. Extremely high Ascension frequencies have been infused in each oil to reach the individual and activate their Ascension process.


  • Infused Blue Lotus will awaken the Crown Chakra taking the essence of the individual to profound heights of their Divinity.

  • Infused Rose will awaken and heal the Heart Chakra opening the heart to receive the higher frequencies and qualities of Divinity.

  • Infused Awakening will awaken the Base Chakras allowing the high frequencies of Divinity to ground into the body.


The Ascension Oils have been designed to be used together to create  a leap in essence and consciousness. The use over time of the oils creates powerful shifts that awaken high and exquisite aspects of the Divine Self.


Divine Malas

              Divine Malas                                                                                            $25

The malas are made for both men and women, they are infused with different Divine Blessings. When the mala is worn or used in mantra the blessings are released to the individual. Custom malas can be ordered to address specific issues and goals.

​                                                    The Divine Malas

Mala of Peace - Mala of Love - Mala of Unconditional  - Mala of Bliss                 

Mala of Enlightenment - Mala of Grace - Mala of Ascension - Mala of Liberation Mala of Divinity - Mala of Health - Mala of Joy - Mala of Truth - Mala of Oneness

"To reach Enlightenment, first of all focus on your spiritual practice . A true spiritual seeker rests in the present, the result is surrender. Everything then happens spontaneously!"


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