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Living as Truth​
When living from True Nature, Enlightenment, or God-Realization, one is no longer living separate from God/Self. This Oneness brings with it profound Grace, and spiritual qualities and spiritual power. Life becomes an effortless flow  of Love, now in unity with all. The being is now in service to the Divine as the Divine; for the benefit of all. Once at exaltaled. levels of supreme consciousness, a prayer for one touches all.  One enlightened being can do more for humanity than all the rest combined who still live in separation.

"We all have infinite love within us. Love is expansive as the sky. When we gain spiritual understanding we see all others as ourselves. This happens only at the state of perfection.


Living as Love
Love is the Shakti of the Divine, the flow of the Universe. When Oneness with Love is realized, the "I" which has been your identity falls at the feet of the Divine. The Love that you are, your True Nature, is realized. Living as this Love brings freedom from suffering, and much spiritual and worldly auspiciousness. Those who have realized this Love have the ability to transform others, bringing divine gifts and powerful blessings. Living as Love is living as our True Nature, free of the burdens of illusion. One Living as Love is Sat-Chit- Ananda, Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.
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