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Ancient Techniques


Crown Chakra Awakenings and Shaktipat


Spiritual Gatherings are open to all, as a gift to the community. Crown Chakra Awakenings  and shaktipat can be received at these gatherings. Consciousness raising is the focus and achieved through the activation of the crown chakra and third eye, which create leaps in Consciousness. This is a powerful technique, one more common in India than the United States. Ananda Mayi has the ability and desire to offer these gifts.
The activation of the crown chakra is a laying on of hands to the crown which awakens within heights of  Divinity. The Awakening puts one on the path towards knowing oneself and all as God, the nothingness and the fullness. Enlightenment is the Truth of one's nature as Love/ God.  As one raises in consciousness, this awakening to the Truth of one's nature is revealed.
The Crown Chakra Awakenings raise the essence of the individual to depths of their Divine Self that are exquisite. Shakipat is an awakening of the third eye simply by touching it gently. This is a way to raise consciousness to the level one's Essence has realized, and then live from this heightened spiritual state. It is extremely powerful and over time raises the vibration of the being to their True Nature as Divine.






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