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Being and Oneness


It is important just to Be, for our own wellbeing. When you can breathe deeply and just Be, one can see clearly what needs to be done. There are tasks mundane that need tending to, but are you running on automatic unconscious emotions? This is a big problem, doing without True purpose. You can spend a lifetime like this, running your life either caring for emotional issues or running from them. In Truth many are lost and just doing activity to hide from the Truth. When one is lost and in the unconscious mode of doing, they are lost to their spiritual work and much of their doing creates suffering.

The best thing to do here is stop all you are doing, allow space for Being to arise. Then see what tasks are truly best. This perpetual doing is on automatic, and is like a groove in an old record for many. Many are unconsciously doing society what deems as important. The trouble with this is that what the spiritual life deems important is completely different from your training since birth for most. Born into society, many seldom ask questions; many just carry on what their parents did and their parents. Ways of being are passed down through the experience of the family and society. This knowledge is fine for a worldly life; yes one can achieve much, but for what purpose? Many live in the world but are not of the world, for they have True knowledge and Wisdom, and bring this to a purposeful life, one that benefits all. And still others work endlessly to help the needy of this world, sacrificing their life to Love.


Being is a state of Consciousness that reveals our True nature. Once at rest, one can find Peace. It is from this Peace that the larger perspective is found to make decision from. This state of Being is a way to contact True Wisdom and live from a place of Love. This is the state that opens awareness and eventually leads to living meditation and equanimity. It is best to stop and just Be, allowing what is there in loving compassion; it will eventually pass. Relax deep into self and just Be, see what arises. Let all pass until nothingness arises--here is True Wisdom. Live from this place of Peace. It is a way to change behavior and puts one in attunement with True Nature.

Within the Nothingness, there is the entire Universe along with great Wisdom. It is best to learn to act from this place within all. By Being, you touch the part of you, the absolute, beyond ego. Being allows the old ways of constant doing for worldly affairs to end. This is life changing, a way to become centered and grounded in God Consciousness.

True Nature

Much very important Wisdom is lost on many, living lives that have no knowledge of the Universe or ways to live in peace. Many strive all life to achieve money, respectability, family, a good life for their children. This is all very good, but if striving for a goal that has no Spiritual nature, cut off completely from True Self, this is a mistake. Many are busy surviving in the world of karma and ego without spiritual Truth. A world made so difficult by mass ego that most are in survival, little can be done to help at the survival level. There are few ways to help those that are at this level, other than through selfless service.

It is not until we come out of survival mode that one can begin to know ourselves more fully. Many, many do to inequality are without food, shelter, even land to settle on and running from harsh regimes. So is best that they care for their immediate needs, with calm and clarity. This part of the world makes up more than half the population, so more than half the population is in need, and many here are gathering excessive funds for their own benefit. The reality of Oneness shows us that if we live unconsciously and take more than is needed we are leaving less for others. Greed or gluttony are not spiritual qualities, having enough is best for all beings. This is an important concept of Oneness. There are enough resources for all if all is shared . Money is not the problem--the attitude and lack of knowledge of Oneness is the issue. One can have money and not be attached. This usually leads to philanthropy. They are more likely to be in attunement with Oneness, and may even begin to help those in need. Being is very important. It is the first step to awareness, and awareness is the first step to God Consciousness and its endless profound Awakening.


We need to disperse this knowledge of Oneness, and the best way is to look inward. See for yourself, the vastness of the Eternal life. Here lies the Truth about all, and it is within you, as the entire Universe is. Begin to live from equanimity, relaxed with no expectations. Faith is needed to allow this way of life. No need to run around, doing all the time. Yes, there are worldly tasks to be done, and the flow of Love will see to them. Many live on automatic, they are running from suffering and do not know it. As being it will be difficult to sit with pain and suffering, but you will be enlightened to your psychodynamics, and not acting from them. This is a blow to the ego, essentially taking away its purpose. One must live from a place of Loving kindness, not separate identity but Oneness. To live in the world one needs guidance, which can be found outside or inside. This is the same guidance of one’s True Nature as Love Consciosness. Go within and become the Master.

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