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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Living

Many believe rather unconsciously that the reality they see in in front of them is the Truth. They go about living their live as if this were all that existed, the physical reality. There is much more to life than the physical plane; there are heaven realms as well as lower realms. This realm is one of Transformation, where we are incarnated to evolve. Our vibration as beings is a projection of light. Imagine there is a film playing, now take away the film, and only light exists. This light is like love consciousness, behind the play of life. This analogy was used by a great Vedanta Master, Ramana Maharshi and it still holds True.

There is no reason for this life other than to grow, and grow beyond the separation and limits of ego. This allows for an Eternal life, grounded in Truth. We are all responsible for this evolution which leads to Oneness and True Nature. If we do not explore our inner selves and properly address our spiritual nature we are wasting our lives. Yes there are families and grandchildren, great artists and sculptors; the answer is not to stop your outer life, just to explore your inner life. The inner landscape can be wonderful, full of Awakenings, and experiences that begin to open us to higher levels of Consciousness and Bliss. Many spend a life time dedicated to a spiritual life, in the wisdom that this is life’s purpose.

Some do a bit, they meditate at home, maybe go to a yoga class, and this is a good beginning. To truly explore your inner nature you must have the desire to Awaken. If you have a True desire to Awaken to Love Consciousness, Love itself will come for you. You need not do anything, only to stoke the flame of the desire to awaken with spiritual practice. Let Love Consciousness do the rest. Once one has surrendered to Love, it will direct the journey to God realization. Still there must be effort on your part, one movement towards Love/ God Consciousness and an infinite amount of Grace is given to light your way. This is a profound inner experience, and the desire to Awaken is necessary, bringing profound Grace.

Grace is necessary for awakening, Grace is from higher realms, heaven realms. One must commune with these spiritual realms. How to speak to those Masters, and Great Gurus, become attuned to their vibration. Read their books, spend time with them, and talk to them even if there is no response. Make a connection with the Divine, if you make this connection and stay in attunement with a Great Master, you will find Truth. The higher the consciousness level the higher the Truth received. What is important is to have a connection with the Divine.

Many say we have many lifetimes, and we get lost, and the lifetime becomes about finding right path. This is all that is important, that one finds a path to God realization. Many life times have been lost, do not waste this life, and use it to accumulate what is permanent, Consciousness.. Material life may look like the best life, nice things, travel, no worries; but it is not true. Many have much wealth and are very unhappy. So if these impermanent things do not bring joy, look for what is permanent and never changing. This is the real jewel of life.

One must have faith on the spiritual path; this is the path of every great Saint, and Guru. If you have sat with such a being you will understand that they are far more evolved than other humans. They are the Avatars sent to awaken many to Love, Compassion, and Selflessness. Some have charities that help people all over the world, and many of their followers are walking in their footsteps, spending their life in the pursuit of Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom or in Service to humanity.

There is a small population of those who are on spiritual path. Why not all begin to practice these precepts, or spend one’s life in devotion and surrender to the Divine. Attunement to the Divine, and profound Compassion will take you very far along the path to awakening. Some say this is difficult, it is not for me. Is it that difficult to be kind, thinking of others and to be of service? No this is an excuse; everyone can be on spiritual path, it is simple, Love, Compassion, and Selflessness. This is how we would like to see ourselves, as loving compassionate beings, so why not practice these ways of being to their fullest in every day life.

Life can only benefit from a more spiritual perspective; it is true that many do not live from these higher qualities. This is all the more reason to become Love; others can grow from such kindness. Even if it seems like you have been kind and they took advantage, your kindness and love has touched them. This kind of behavior, living as love only helps you to be more in alignment with Truth, and plants a seed in the other to one day awaken themselves. As a general rule, treat others like you would a Sat Guru, for this is their True Nature.

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