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Bliss is our True nature. Bliss is the perfume of the Divine. This Bliss is Shakti or Divine energy being awakened within. Bliss is a profound and powerful aspect of True nature. When this Divine Shakti is free to flow, we are transformed. We experience such beauty and joy; we become free to live as Love. This Bliss is not just an experience, but part of who we are. Once awakened we see the world and its illusions differently, we see through them to Love consciousness. Bliss allows for healing both physical and emotional, as well as initiates higher levels of awakening. Bliss Shakti is awakened within through Spiritual Devotion, Spiritual Practice, Yogic Practices and the Grace of the Divine. To realize this within ourselves we must be ready to live as Love. Bliss comes to those who have devoted their lives to spiritual Truth.

Bliss is not the joy one feels when they are happy. Bliss is an actual energy that is awakened with Love consciousness. This Bliss is ecstatic, and brings with it the spiritual shakti of Awakening. Bliss is part of Love, when Love consciousness is at its heights one may falls in and out of states of Bliss. Samadhi, this state of Divine Bliss, Many great masters regularly loose themselves in the Bliss of our True Nature. This Bliss is waiting to be awakened, and acts as a catalyst to Truth. Bliss is the Shakti of Love, and it awakens the depth of True nature. When one is overcome by this Shakti, in Samadhi, they are in oneness with the Divine in the most profound way. There is a distinction between Awakening and full blown Enlightenment, enjoyed by the Avatars. This difference often lies with Bliss, when this Shakti awakens within the spiritual prana has taken over. The life now belongs to Love consciousness, as Love consciousness.

Bliss is not only energy but a way of being, its origins from the Divine. When the Ananda Shakti is activated the being is running on pure Bliss/Love. Every action taken is for the purpose of benefiting others without the thought to do so. This is done with such profound Joy and overflowing love that those in the presence of such a being benefit greatly. This state of Bliss is present in all, to unlock it one must be in attunement with Divine Love. One is in attunement with Love when the ego is diminished and the individual has taken a back seat to one’s Divine Self. This Ananda state can also come on suddenly and be all consuming. There are many stories of great Saint’s loosing themselves in Samadhi, their devotees concerned they would not return from such heavenly Bliss. Then there are those who are in a perpetual state of Bliss and have to try to keep themselves in a normal mind set. With these beings, all is a grand illusion even their mood or Bhava. There are many great beings that hold themselves is a certain mood for the benefit of their devotees. These beings are Compassion itself, forgoing profound and extraordinary ecstasy for the benefit of others.

Bliss is not only a state of being, but the spiritual Truth of our nature. Many believe these states of ecstasy are only for the highest of masters. How can this be if Bliss is our True nature, we would have to have access to its wonders. If the attitude is correct, one of Love and Service to all beings, the state of Bliss and many others will become available within. The attitude of a True spiritual seeker must be present for any real spiritual progress. This attitude is of Selflessness and Compassion, Oneness and Truth. If one is of a spiritual nature, the awareness of True self as Love consciousness acts as a backdrop to the seeming spiritual journey being experienced. In absolute Truth there is no journey, no seeker, nothing ever happened nor will; just Consciousness is. This absolute Truth is beyond where many are in their evolution, but should be held and experienced in meditation to quicken experience to equal Truth. In Vedanta, an ancient Indian spiritual philosophy, they believe in only in the absolute, all else is illusion. However life is part of Love Consciousness and even in Vedanta there are tools to work with one self. Life when lived as a means to Awakening, no matter the path, is in its Divine role.

The most beautiful way to awaken the Ananda State is to help others, either through expanded consciousness or simply Service to others; how it feels appropriate to you. This Bliss that comes when you are in perfect attunement with Divine will , this is the Bliss of True nature. Many actions bring joy, only the Divine actions will give access to inner Bliss. Many feel that this is an impossible state to experience, however it is our Nature and is available to all. This is not rare, but in more cases than not, most are unaware of what the experience is or means. They do not recognize that they have found their True Darma, action in world. For many darma, Divine action, is misunderstood in terms of good and bad. Beyond duality there is no good and bad, True Darma refers to actions, one’s life’s work in alignment with Love consciousness. Bliss is a profound state of being, and has its many advantages, in awakening higher states of being.

When Living as Love, in full attunement with Love consciousness, Bliss is active. This is the state known as Enlightenment, when the false self falls away, leaving only Love. Once the ego is seen through the grounding as Love/God consciousness occurs, purifying all that was once part of the ego. Thought, emotion, energy, circumstance, all other inner functions happen, just not to anyone. The Mind is intact, only the individual is gone. Thinking is done, but there is no thinker. This state of being is profound, and allows for Bliss to emerge in its fullness. The act of dropping the individual happens over time for most. There is a long period of purification and spiritual practices, perhaps even lifetimes. When the last pieces fall it may be anti-climactic, no big deal. Many have read about Enlightenment, waited their whole lives for it and in Truth it is no big deal. It is a massive shift in inner structure, and how one experiences Self. The real gift comes with the realization of God consciousness as Self. This awakens Bliss consciousness, this allows for the Ananda Shakti to take over for the ego. Basically in charge of the life now, Bliss consciousness becomes the prana (life force) of the being. Here is where permanent states of Ananda may take form; actions inner and outer are brought forth through full awakening to Love Consciousness.

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