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Enlightenment is a vast subject that I will just touch upon. This is a holy state of Grace which brings much spiritual wisdom and power to the for front. This is an awakening so profound it stays with you, or should I say you are simply in service to the divine. Not the you that is ordinary but the exta-ordinary Truth that you are Truth becomes a permanent state. There are many experiences and even states of mind that awaken before the awakening is full. It is a journey for some with spiritual experiences and others seem to just wake up in consciousness. Perhaps a prior birth has their consciousness ready to awaken in this life.

It is a worthy goal and all who have had awakening experiences or just live at a higher vibration then the mundane live lives of spiritual wonder. It is the only worthy goal, enlightenment, but if should not be taken lightly. This is not just for saints and sages, one can focus ones life with Love and those of love, creating a connection to the divine both inwardly and outwardly. Allowing one self to attune to the Guru or light source through music, chanting, books all keep one in alignment with Love and Truth. This type of alignment is readly available to all, aligning the life

with Love.

Enlightenment is the waking up of the divine self, there are many different levels of Awakening, Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime, some say we are already enlightened just not aware of it. The Vedantic approach is to live life as an awake consciousness; not living from the ego, or its ways of being. If you want to see full Enlightenment look at the Saints and Sages in the world. They are Enlightened, and much more. So this is a very good goal and will keep one on the spiritual path. Living from an awake consciousness, aware of who you are and living from this place of Love. This is all that is needed for Love to expand and transformation to take place.

There are many different spiritual paths and teachers, all at different levels of Awakening. This is important to know, so you know that not everyone who is teaching spirituality is fully enlightened, but certainly at a level of spiritual heights. I feel it is best to focus my attention on the highest spiritual Beings. I have had help and relationships with many who are awakened and have been helpful on the pathless path. They call the path of spiirituality in Vedanta the pathless path because in truth we are already Enlightened, just need to awaken to this truth.

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