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Truth on the Path of Love


Spiritual Truth is of a much higher vibration than that of the worlds . We have trouble here, because many are lost. They are trying, but they have only false knowledge. True Wisdom is like a sunny day. It only brings joy. This is not the situation for these who are lost; they are in the dark, believing all kinds of nonsense. So what is needed is Truth. How does one awaken to Truth? By being truth. This is to say begin to align yourself with Truth, read Books of Truth, Visit the Dali Lama, whatever it is, begin to become Divine Truth with a conscious effort. Many say destiny cannot be changed, but to a Great Master this is nothing. Become a great Master and you shall see.

Profound Consciousness

How does one attain such profound Consciousness to be a Sat Guru, or an Avatar? Far beyond the physical realm, there are Heaven realms. A Sat Guru is the highest level of Consciousness in subtle form on these realms. It is these Great Beings of Love and Compassion, Full God Oneness, that come to help humanity. They are Great Masters, and have kept humanity’s tools and wisdom for Awakening. They have been coming since the beginning of time, to guide humanity.

A basic introduction to the realms is helpful. There are the hell realms, the transitional realm, and the heaven realms. It would only make sense that humanity would be guided by Love to the Heaven realms. Beyond the realms lies the absolute Eternal love that is your full potential. So those below these levels must understand these Gurus are Great Masters that are the Eternal, and their wisdom is beyond our comprehension. There is a way to become one of these great Masters; it may take many life times and much effort and Grace. By being in the company of these Great Beings, seems to mark us for this kind of profound destiny. We are guided to the heaven realms by the Master’s Love and Will.


When you are afraid you are lost, life is lost to you, and becoming smaller. It is like fighting a tiger; it will devour you. So do not fight this fear, allow it, do not act from it. Allow this fear with love, and see what happens to the fear. Fear is not the enemy, it is you, and how you deal with it. So one must be with this monster, which we have created, lovingly. What happens when you are kind and loving to emotion? Even emotions that have turned into big problems, they can change if you change. So how do you change? Allow the fear, talk to the fear, love the fear, and see the difference in experience. If one is not shoving away emotion but consciously aware of it, they can change the life experience, and become more peaceful. Those that struggle against this will cause a big problem; they create all kinds of disorders of the Mind. Any emotion you push away is running your life. To be vigilant and loving within is the first step to being this with others. We must learn the basic Universal Truths to traverse the spiritual path. All may be written, but all can be re-written through Love.

Universal Truth

Wisdom is something you want to pass down to your children. All do not grow up in a temple, many on the streets and even in homes are alone, with no guidance yet alone wisdom. So we must first gather awareness of life and the wisdom needed to live it, and then share with the next generation. This was the way even before books, the oral tradition of storytelling. It is our responsibility to become aware or our responsibility as people and as parents to make sure our children are aware of the true Nature of the Universe and grow up living as love. This then becomes a new way of being, one that could change the world. Just personal awareness and using that awareness to pass down the Wisdom of Love, this act by just one individual begins to change the world.

Loving Ways

It is we who have forgotten the ways of Truth and Love, and the culture has moved towards materialism and greed. So it can be humanity that brightens the world by new and loving ways of being. First with oneself and then with others.

This is freeing, for you and others. In a way this is like learning a new way to be. First one wants to be vigilant, this means very aware of one’s own self, emotion, actions, thoughts. Then one must learn to love all this, then comes freedom. There is no reason to worry, because your heart already loves all things. It is just for you to live from the heart. So nothing is difficult, only to gain Wisdom you must first have mastered a loving heart.

Loving Heart

For some this is easy. They have mastered this in another life time. Others are learning now, and still others lived from a closed heart. So we have the population all at different levels of consciousness. This explains wars, and politics, different ways and different cultures and ways of being. So many say this is a big problem. No, this is the wrong attitude. All is as it should be. One must focus inward and develop a loving heart, before they can be useful in the world.


The population is how it should be; the politics have been written by karma, good and bad. So this takes the worry away, have and have nots, this candidate or not, accepting how things are the first step in changing them. This is like using a feather to determine life, or using a hammer. Life is important so we learn these lessons and help others to learn them. We are not here to waste life; one must stop and look at life. If it is not in alignment with this ancient wisdom of Love, find another path. Wasting a life is very bad. There are many waiting for a body. You must say thank you for the body and now I will awaken. The lucky few who do grow up in such monasteries are beyond beauty, from birth knowing the Paramatma, True Nature and True Wisdom. This is the way it was for many centuries. Man goes through cycles, spiritual and then focuses elsewhere. Now it is time to wake up. It is a very good time for spiritual beings to Awaken to Love.

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