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True Healing

Healing is

Letting go of what causes you pain. Forgiving yourself for all, and forgiving all others. Praying for world peace. Becoming this peace, vibrating at the frequency of peace . This is true healing, grounded where there are no difficulties beyond peace into oneness, Living from this grounded place of peace is best, this is the healing, much falls away when you are peace. All is easily tolerated when grounded in such a deep place of truth. Transformational shifts happen more easily coming from presence, healing takes place.

When one is receptive to grace and love healing happens much faster. Grace is the special ingredient in Healing. Grace is making it possible , Grace are your prayers answered. This ingredient in healing makes the process of healing plentiful and auspicious. Love is manifesting as a holy life. Love is creating the movements of life. Love brings both balance and harmony into ones life. Healing with the Benefits of Grace and Love ignites a powerful energy capable of transformation.

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