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Universal Truth


Truth is a different vibration than Love, yet just as high. Truth is one's True Nature and everything that leads you there. Say you find spirituality, but it is very esoteric, not based in thousands of years of ancient wisdom. The flow of Truth may guide you to a higher Truth if it is ones desire. Truth like Love has its own flow and as we awaken to it more profoundly, it awakens us.

This is the flow of Love Consciousness; this is Universal Love and its higher vibrations becoming awake. Other vibration begins to awaken like Compassion, Peace, Joy, Bliss and more. This is a natural evolution, for we are part of Consciousness, all is Consciousness, so all are Love and Truth. It is easy to see this from a place of Wisdom. If one is not there yet, one must have faith. Truth is a very strong vibration and will grab you, if you let it. Truth is like Love-- it is part of who we are, so one must simply allow Truth.

Once we embrace Truth, we begin to Awaken. Truth can be shocking to the conscious and unconscious mind. Truth simply raises us in vibration alleviating suffering of the mind. This natural process takes effort on your part, meditation, spiritual practice, to call upon Truth. So we are this Truth at our highest potential, but we must make effort to become it fully. Truth is generous; it just takes a little for a lot of Truth to come. Truth is a friend, guide, and a necessity for awakening.

Truth of Universe is a secret to many living worldly lives. Once one’s karma is good enough, you will know the secret. The Universe is vast and grand made of Profound Love in the form of Consciousness, it is everything and everyone. The universe the eye can see is a fraction of what it truly is. It is what cannot be seen with the naked eye where Truth lies and Eternal Consciousness of brilliant Love we call God. This is the secret of the Universe, we are all God Consciousness. This Truth changes lives. In this truth lies peace and harmony, and great perspective. Just the knowledge of Universal Truth can change a person for the better.

Now to become this Truth one must work very hard. Only those who put in effort will rise in consciousness, so to grab on to Truth one must be vigilant with the mind. The mind may say go, then stay, mind is not your friend. Ask oneself is this way, is this way mind or True attunement with Guru and God /Love Consciousness? Begin to make decision about one’s life from the Spiritual Wisdom that Truth awakens. When one acts in this way, life changes. The divine will comeS to you and bringS Grace, for right actions.

Now one is in alignment with Truth, the Truth of who one is and the Truth of the Universe. This IS Divine alignment with God Consciousness. Love Consciousness allows for Truth to take root. One must be awake enough to have divine discernment as to their thoughts, words and actions.

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