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Benefits of Faith


Faith is not a spiritual concept, it is a precept. Without faith one cannot even begin the spiritual journey. You are giving yourself to the unknown, this can be frightening. Many do run, have doubts, fear, but the ones who stay have faith. It would not be called faith if there was proof that God exists, yet alone as Oneness of Consciousness. Faith is something intangible, but has great value. If you have faith that everything will be fine, you are more composed if something goes wrong. Faith is the blanket of Love; it covers all with grace whose faith is strong. Exactly what is faith, it is the unconscious knowing of one’s True nature, and this probably developed in a prior life. So those with strong faith, have a knowing deep within them that keeps them centered on God realization.

Many say they have no faith, but all have access to faith. Start with little things, faith the car will start; faith the key will open the door. This kind of faith is natural to us. So just transfer this faith to spirtuality, this natural knowing. Faith is far more then believing all will be well. It can be great devotion to a Great Master. This is not blind faith; it is basically surrender to the Master, Jesus Christ for example. Without that faith, there is too much worry and fear. There are many way to lose faith, an experience, a disappointment, but faith is there waiting once you are ready. Faith is natural quality of all; different degrees but all have faith.

Benefits of Faith

To understand faith, one must understand the human. There is a brain which controls the body with electrical impulses. Once these impulses awaken the seven chakra system, the natural awakening of spirituality begins, like a flower blooming. Many innate qualities are awakened naturally, Love, Light, Grace and Faith to name a few. The rest is up to us, there are many paths to great Awakening, the path of devotion, the path of knowledge, the path of service. Each with its own methods, each with its own benefits.

Free Will

Many say this path is best, in Truth eventually any True path will attain the goal, it is just how many life time will it take, the most profound Masters, the Avatars in body and out, are of the highest vibration and hence someone like the Dali lama, or Ammachi, would be a very good choice for a Master. There are some things you have dominion over, free will, if it is used wisely, to choose a great master, the life benefits greatly. This free will is often wasted on trivial things, when it can be put to good use. Free will does not mean you can do what you want without consequences.

Free will was awakened so one could choose right actions from wrong actions. This then determines the future. If the free will is abused it can lead to drug addiction and mental illness. It is best to be aware of not only our actions but our thoughts. Thoughts can hurt someone, there was a study at University, that have two groups, all same sickness, one group the people were prayed for. The other group there was no pray. They discovered the group with prayer did much better. So it is good thoughts that can help, bad thoughts can harm.


Why this elaborate deception, that the Truth of One’s nature is Divine/ Love Consciousness. Why are we not born with the knowledge of past lives, why such a puzzle. It is for man to find for himself, the purpose is for man to evolve on its own merits. Humanity being a projection of God Consciousness, is simply as it should be, it is we who need to be different. To attune our lives and hearts to Love Consciousness, we must first awaken this knowledge within.

If you look at the generations of long ago, there were great sages and their words were considered the word of God Consciousness. Now understanding of spirituality, especially in the west, is vauge; its roots are young. So there is little help for those of light beings born in unenlightened places. Not to worry with a strong desire for awakening your Guru will come and find you. Then you can be a light for humanity, making it brighter. Think of the world, now everyone is holding a candle in a prayer for world peace, what a different world.

Right Action

What you do is important, right action; because you are one of these lights, becoming brighter. If you understand how the universe actually works you have a better chance of living as Love. The Universe desires to grow, this universe is Love. Love expands fully; this is why humanity is here, to become brilliant Divine Love.

This is very important to understand that the reality of your life has a huge impact on all, this is Oneness. We are all one organism, why do you think war across the world bothers us. We need to know we have great potential to awaken to God/ Love Consciousness. This benefits not only oneself but all being through Oneness.


Many are lost in the world, in survival or are on a lesser path. All is fine, this is part of the journey. One must accept life with its illusionary nature. Life is not real, only Mind. The mind receives the wave length and interprets it into creation. So this is the natural mechanism of how the projection of life becomes. We are projections, not the dense matter we have come to see ourselves as. This understanding is best, this frees everything, I do not exist. It breaks through all, for a moment. Then one goes on with life in a different way, a new way, with the realization of the illusionary self.

This reality opens the individual to a spiritual life, one can be happy, and without attachments. This gives new life, I do not exist, these are true words. Now life can be re-examined. I was striving in my career, now I have little interest, here is the decision, one must choose a spiritual life. Finding a new way of being in body. Many falter hear and fall back into the world, best to be vigilant at this point. There is new awakening to spiritual path, all because of a few words that re-align the being with their True Nature.

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