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Fear and Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness

If there is an opposite of Love, it is fear. Many are born afraid, from past lifetimes, and continue the pattern in this life. Some are driven by fear due to past traumas in this lifetime. One who is driven by fear is without Grace, and what comes of fear will only bring sorrow. Fear is like an illness, it needs to be cared for. One needs to watch over themselves with awareness, and ask am I in fear. Just this awareness of fear to the conscious mind will stop fear from being in charge of your life. Fear will crumble next to Love, as if it never existed, if you are vigilant. Vigilant to be in loving kindness and acceptance of all.

Many people without knowing are living in fear. It is an epidemic. The more the world darkens by unworthy action, the more fear grows, and it is contagious. What is needed is for each to be responsible for themselves, to live consciously with awareness and loving compassion towards self and others, including one’s own emotions. If we are all vigilant, there will be a lightening of the planet, as many move out of fear and into Love.

Fear can be a trap that interferes with spiritual growth. If you are caught in it, recognize that fear has you in its grips, and this awareness and allowance will begin to shift the circumstance. This is called loving compassion, treating all with love and compassion, even our emotions, or people we do not like. Especially what we push away is what we must embrace. No matter what it is, it can slowly be fully embraced and become Love itself through acceptance.

Acceptance of the world

Fear is not just an illness, it is driving the world. There is so much turbulence because of fear. Many wars are fought based on fear, fear of a new way of being, a new religion. Fear is running the world because it is from ego, and mass ego has created this scenario we know as this world and its circumstances. If it had been created by God Consciousness alone, it would be a very different landscape. If those running on fear are creating our world, you can see why it is out of balance and harmony.

There are ways to counter this imbalance, for one, not living from fear, another to be in the world, but have no attachment. Worldliness has created an atmosphere of fear, fear of not having enough or not being safe. Many say why is the world so dark. If we are strong and awareness is used regularly with loving kindness, the world becomes less fearful as we accept it fully with love.


One can be free of the world as a fearful place, free to live as love. However the world seems to call for help, and a spiritual being would hear this call and begin service for the good of humanity. So the world is held in a new perspective, a larger perspective of Being which allows fear to be held more lightly. The kind of help that is needed in the world is education, knowledge, spiritual practice, and devotion. These are the tools of a True Spiritual Master, to live beyond worldliness in Truth, and devoted to the betterment of humankind.

Fear often touches us because we have little understanding of Being. To Be is a place of deep rest and relaxation. Most are running from one task to another, in fear. Being is just that, to stop running and just Be. One needs to stop doing, with this Being arises. There are many ways to live life, from fear, anger. Why not from a place of center, silence and expansive stillness? This is what is accessed when we just be, our True Nature. This is the most profound way to access your authentic self. Just stop everything, and allow what is with acceptance . This is not a trick; it is a way to change behavior that brings awareness and wisdom of our authentic Self to the surface.

Spiritual Wisdom

Many are bringing back ways to teach spiritual wisdom to our children, yoga and meditation along with math and writing are being taught in classrooms. Some still teach ancient wisdom to their pupils, many bringing back the old ways of teaching basic skills along side spirituality. If the world is to be different, we need to be different. Living from fear is not an easy behavior to break. Much fear becomes instinctual, but if one is vigilant and accepting all with loving kindness, fear will no longer run one’s life. Once fear has subsided there is room for another vibration. Here is where Love takes you. You have lovingly dealt with fear, now the love is flowing from within, from your authentic self; and one begins to live as Love.

If fear can run the world, and so many creations like war and illness, and poverty are a reality, how do we live in this creation of mass ego? We simply see it and accept it for what it is. We go about our spiritual lives practicing loving kindness. Much service is needed to help such a world in chaos. Civilizations have fallen and recreated themselves over time, advantageously much spiritual knowledge remains. If we do not share this knowledge with the world, it may be lost forever.

Many cultures of Wisdom have disappeared, many are in danger of disappearing, so it would be best to begin to share this Universal Wisdom with all. It would be best to begin to educate from a very young age the principles of spirituality and the ways of Being. This would change the world. It is not just mass karma acting out, it is our actions that also effect the world around us. Some say I am spiritual, and do nothing to help others, many go on suffering. If we can change the world, in the slightest way, it is to practice and educate our children in ways of Loving Compassion. If this education is not available in schools, do this most valuable teaching at home.

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