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Living as Love

Childrens satsang

The spider would not sting

There was an ant a spider and a wolf, they were all friends. That is until the ant and the spider had a fight, there was just a crumb of food and they were both hungry. The wolf out of his usual character stepped in and offered to take them both were there was lots of food. So they went on there way, the ant and the spider holding on tight to the wolfs long hair, while riding on his back. It seemed like days, but we finlly arrived, there was alot of food there, there were lots of ants and spiders and all sorts of creatures like us. The wolf had shown his true colors and brought us to HIS feeding grounds, to be eaten. He had done it though kindness, that is what hurts the most, and I though he was our friend. Well, the ant and I escaped with one large ant colony, now that ant is a respected member of the colony. It worked out well for my friend the ant. So there was just me, I could have stung that wolf all those days I rode on his back, but I choose not to, I choose to go against my instinstual nature for the chance to have friends and be kind to them. I will continue to choose kindness and Love, after all I did escape and now I have twice as much food; now that my friend the ant has moved away. I guess life has its ups and down, best to behave out of kindness to make the hard times, well not so bad. The End

Ananda Mayi

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