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Awakening to Love Consciousness

The Awakening of LOVE Consciousness


For Ammachi, the Divine Mother of the universe, thank you for your Love and Grace these many years. It has been a privilege to know you, one I would share with the entire world if possible. You have shown me the Truth through your Love; you have molded me like clay to see the Truth of my nature. Your beauty outweighs all others, like the lotus there is no comparison. You have brought such gifts to millions of people, taking their suffering and bringing them Peace, Grace and Bliss. You are like no other, embracing one after the other, day after day, with God’s Love. You are my Mother and my best friend, and you are this to all. Thank you for taking me into your heart, and freeing all illusion. There are no words for my gratitude but to serve you. This blog is a service to you, and to all beings everywhere. This is how I can show my appreciation to Mother, by sharing some small amount of wisdom. Ammachi your Grace is so plentiful; and freely given to all. You take illness without medicine, save lives and no one even knows. Your smile is deceiving, like Krishna, burning karma and filling hearts desires. Your presence is pure Love, embracing literally the millions that come for your Grace. Amma, I love you, thank you for coming to touch our hearts and awaken us to Love. Endless prostrations, ananda mayi


There is Love, only Love. As Love evolves it takes shape, first as consciousness and then as form. The purpose of this life is to evolve and become more profoundly Love. What we know as our life is a manifestation of Love Consciousness. We believe we are separate individuals with our own ways of being, but in truth we are all one. This Oneness is like an ocean of Love, and we step out of this supreme consciousness into duality to become more brilliant. This is the purpose of life, to ascend in consciousness to great heights; and return to our true state as a brighter more intense form of Love.

Love consciousness and God consciousness are the same, as God is Love. Love consciousness is the highest state of Being and is in fact God. Love is the basic energy of the universe, all that is exists at its core as Love. If you can see beyond the illusion of life, and its many trappings, you can see this clearly. This Universal Consciousness of Love is like the Ocean beneath the waves; it is the reason we seem to exist as individuals. This love is so profound it seeks to become even more brilliant. This manifests as dream states that we experience as life times. Each dream is meant to bring us closer to the pure state of Love Consciousness to intensify Love as a whole. The issue is that this knowledge has been lost to many, and only those in certain spiritual groups know the true meaning of life. This basic truth is what will bring Love Consciousness to the masses. Once it is known that one’s actions have dire consequences many will change their ways to compassion and kindness, leaving behind materialism and greed.

The concept of reincarnation, many cycles of life, is not understood correctly. Due to inappropriate actions many get lost in this cycle of life times. This is called Samsara. Samsara is endless cycles of lifetimes with great suffering. Many who live today are experiencing this. The way to free oneself from Samsara is to awaken to the truth of ones nature by living a spiritual life. A life of compassion towards all beings is a spiritual life. A life of spiritual precepts and practices to resolve karma is how the universe brings about growth.

Karma is what we receive based on our actions, both good and bad. Many of us are carrying karma from many past lifetimes or dream states. This karma is the basis for our life experience now; it is only by resolving our bad karma that we can live in peace without suffering. Many are living lives based on their good karma and do not understand that if they do not resolve their bad karma their next lifetime may be very difficult. Many are living difficult lives and this is based on their bad karma from past cycles. Much of their suffering can be resolved through a spiritual life of service to others, and through spiritual practice such as meditation. Once the concept of karma is grasped, that even a harmful thought has consequences, one can begin to live differently; from Love.

How does one live from Love is the question. Most can experience personal love; they have love for their families and mates. However, few can experience transpersonal love, which is Love for all that exists. Imagine a world where this was the core way of being, love for all beings, love for the earth. War would be eliminated; pollution and over population would not exist. If you can see others as part of you, part of the whole of consciousness there would be no need for destructive actions. Only by raising consciousness can this kind of Love be experienced and Awakened.

One’s consciousness is a direct reflection of the process of growth they are experiencing. If one’s consciousness is low they are in early stages of development towards full awakening as Love Consciousness. So how do we lift those living in low vibrational energy? We Love them. It is up to those who are living in high consciousness to lift those below them. This is done through acceptance and kindness, no matter the actions of others. This is not to say do not defend yourself if someone tries to harm you. Just as a general rule, accept all beings with loving kindness.

To be able to accept all beings with Loving Kindness we must first accept ourselves in this way. Every part of who we are, both the good and the bad, must be acknowledged through awareness and then fully experienced and accepted in Love. This is a basic spiritual principal; you cannot begin to help others when you are not practicing loving kindness with yourself. It all begins with you. Once we are free of our tendency to look outward rather than inward, true healing can begin. This takes the willingness to take responsibility for ourselves, and the vigilance and brutal honesty to live in Truth.

Once one is aware of their own faults and can lovingly accept them, they seem to fall away. This happens because they are part of the false self, the individuality or ego. The ego is nothing but who we think we are, an identity or personality, and it takes us from our true nature as the Consciousness of Love. Many have the awareness of who they are truly but not the ability to free themselves from the grasp of the ego and the world it has created on this realm. The ability to live free of ego is within all, for it is a false creation. Its sole purpose is to allow us to live as individuals until we grow into our True Selves. The ego can be diminished and even resolved through spiritual practices like meditation and manta (repetition of a divine phrase) or through the Grace of a great Master. Many choose the path of devotion, which is surrendering one’s life to a True Master whose Divine Grace resolves the ego over time.

Love Consciousness is our true nature, it is as if we are dreaming and believe the dream is real. If we can wake up within the dream and live our lives as a waking dream, one can begin to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. This is the true purpose of the dream states, or lifetimes, so we may grow and become more brilliantly Love. If we continue to live in ignorance of our true purpose and the opportunity this particular realm offers--a chance to become more fully Love Consciousness--we will waste our lives. The paradigm that has been created through the ego’s hold on society as a whole is that of greed and selfishness, war and suffering. The world around us is a direct reflection of our spiritual evolution; look around and see if this is the world you are creating with your ways of being.

Many find it difficult to even love their own families due to heavy burdens of karma from past actions. They simply are caught in the trappings of the ego’s creation. Different cultures experience this in different ways, though in general, this can be summed up as materialism in the west and fundamentalism in the east. We have been cycling through this realm for many lifetimes; we have created this world and all its inequality, war, illness and environmental distress. There is no-one to blame but ourselves, and we must now become conscious of this and make inner changes. These changes will lead to changes in the collective consciousness and then manifest in our world.

Many people believe they are successful if they make a lot of money, or are highly educated; the truth is that these are not the goals of life. These are manmade objectives that have overshadowed our true purpose to awaken to Love Consciousness. When we are not educated in our true purpose, many fall into worldliness, chasing what they believe will bring them happiness. Some do not even question what they are doing. They just live in the world in ignorance to what will really bring joy. It is not that having enough money to live well is wrong or becoming educated; but there must be balance. These worldly concepts of life begin to fall away once we begin to awaken to our True nature. If everyone in the world spent 20 minutes in meditation daily we would be living in a much different world. We must strive for Divine Wisdom not just knowledge. This Wisdom brings balance and perspective to our lives.


For there to be peace in the world, a world without violence and war, we as individuals must find the peace within. At any given moment there is a violent act or worse, a war, or many, in progress. This is not something that has nothing to do with us, as many believe. It is a reflection of collective consciousness which we are all a part of. To find the peace with in, all one needs to do is to look. It is who we are at our core, it is a constant. We must place our awareness on Truth, not the trappings of the mind. Once we have begun to take responsibility for ourselves, the world around us will change. We are all responsible for the state of the world; we would rather not care what is happening to another or across the world. This attitude is wrong and will only continue to cause more suffering.

Peace is a basic building block of consciousness. To be at rest is our natural state. The more we ignore who we really are, the more out of balance the world around us becomes. Peace is not just the cessation of war and violence. It is the natural state of all beings. This is not the rest one gets from a good night’s sleep or a nap in the afternoon. This is the expansive state of pure consciousness within all beings. This state of being is found within once you look, either through meditation or experiences given by great Masters that point the way to True Nature. Many have not only discovered this expanse of Stillness within, they have become this vastness of consciousness. This makes life less difficult because one has Divine Perspective and is no longer reactive to life’s many difficulties and obstacles. When one comes from this perspective, the ego is left behind and is unable to create more difficulties.

Peace is a way of being that stems from our True Nature as Consciousness. It is part of who we are in our natural state of Being, indifferent to the circumstances of the world. This is not the kind of indifference one sees in those who care only for themselves; this is a lack of preference for one way or another. No matter the circumstance equanimity is held and all is accepted with Loving Kindness. This is a natural state and is easily reached with some inner effort. This expanse of Stillness is you. Peace is the vastness that we are, and its gifts are plentiful. The ability to stay calm and at ease in all circumstances as this vastness of Peace is very helpful in a world of instability and illusion.

Peace is a way of being, to be accepting of all with no reactivity. This kind of reactivity comes from the ego, desiring circumstances to be different. It is an egoic reaction that makes any situation worse. Since it is based in ego, one can choose not to act from it, but to act from awareness instead. One must first have the awareness to see that they are choosing to act from ego and not Divine Love. Once this is recognized, one must feel the pull from the personality but not act on it. Just allowing ourselves to feel the egoic pull, be it fear or anger, and not take action, begins to diminish its effect on our lives. Love Consciousness exists within all of us; if we allow ourselves to be in attunement with this, the ego has little hold over us. This attunement is a choice. One can choose to be in alignment with Love Consciousness and the flow of love and abundance; or choose to suffer in the identity.

Ego can steal our Peace, but it can be diminished through spiritual practice, spiritual healing, service, or Grace of the Guru. (Enlightened Master) Ego or personal identity is different because many have heard of karma and ways to diminish it, but few understand that they are not their identity. We have been marginalized to believe we are separate individuals, with the responsibility to create our lives. In truth our experience is determined by our willingness to live in alignment with the flow of Divine Love. This flow is available to all; one must just not engage with the ego but attune to Love Consciousness.

In time this way of being brings not only Peace but Bliss. Bliss is rarely experienced, not the happiness that comes with a new car, but Divine Ecstasy. When one is fully in tune with Love Consciousness, there is Bliss that is experienced that is profound. Many great masters have spent years in Samadhi, lost in this Divine Bliss to the point where they are not even aware of the world around them. This Bliss comes from Oneness with the Divine. The shakti or energy of the Divine Consciousness is awakened creating states of ecstasy. This Bliss is not just for enjoyment but resolves both karma and ego, allowing the being to live as Love in Peace. This Peace stems from the Oneness with all of creation, in knowing all that exists is part of Love Consciousness at its core. This basic Truth redefines our knowledge of Self; one sees themselves and all as part of the Divine, bringing extraordinary Peace.

To truly be at Peace is to be enlightened. Enlightenment is a word that has been over used; it simply means to be at rest. Enlightenment technically is when the ego falls away revealing Consciousness to be the Truth of Being. It is a stage of Love Consciousness that is attainable on this realm of transformation. Once one has chosen light, they have begun to attune themselves to Love Consciousness. The desire alone for this Enlightenment is enough to bring one to great heights of consciousness. Meditation, the practice of going within to commune with God Consciousness, our True Self, is the best way to attain this Peace. Once one is adept at this technique, Peace begins to work its way into our lives. Soon we are at rest in the middle of chaos, and simply peaceful in all situations. This Peace is a product of Oneness with the Divine, our True state of Being.


The concept of Oneness is not new; it is age old Wisdom. One must use discernment and realize that it may take many lifetimes to awaken to the Truth of Oneness fully. There are many who have come to help us Awaken-- great masters and guides or facilitators . There must be a very strong discernment process when choosing a helper or Master. Not being able to tell a True Master or Avatar from a low vibrational spiritual teacher is problematic. Oneness is the Truth of the Universe, but if we receive our blessings from those of low vibration little will be gained. When one truly awakens to Oneness, we realize that we are part of all things. This is a profound awakening, and its experience is one of Bliss. Oneness is a Divine Truth of our Eternal Self. It flourishes when we are in alignment with our True nature.

Oneness is a basic Truth; we are all made of the same core material, God Consciousness. All that is manifest is made of the same--the trees, oceans and sky. The entire universe is made of this Consciousness; it is the clay that can be molded into heaven or hell. Oneness is looking at another and absolutely knowing they are a part of you, a part of the whole, the Paramatma. This Oneness brings forth great compassion for others. To truly awaken to Oneness one must be free of ego, free of Karma and have benefited from a True Master in this life or others. Oneness is a very high state of consciousness. Many worship at the feet of false Gurus without even knowing it. This is their karma. However, if we worship at the feet of a True SatGuru, we will know the heights of Divine Oneness and its beauty.

To understand Oneness from a true perspective, we must go into the vastness. Here lies the Awakening so many are searching for outside themselves. One must understand that the entire universe is within us; one must just look inward to find it. Meditation is not an empty practice but a doorway to vast wonders, levels of Love/God Consciousness all awaiting to be discovered. There is no doubt that the help of a True Guru is a blessing, opening us to our True Nature. In the presence of a True Guru we feel both bliss and discomfort as the illusions of the dream state fall away. The highest of Gurus is a SatGuru. This is a fully God realized soul or God in body.

Oneness is something that can be explained easily. Look at your hand. If it were hurt, would you not reach down to help it. It is the same concept only with all beings, as well as Mother Earth. If a part of the whole is in need, one needs to not only acknowledge the need for help but go and help in any way possible. Oneness is the force behind compassion, and if we have not yet reached Oneness, we can begin by showing compassion to all. Take the flowers that we cut to bring to temples and shrines. The thought is I must bring these to the temple to receive blessings. This is the wrong idea; bring a plant that can live, and later plant it. This allows Mother Nature to flourish. Our own selfishness can be very discreet but it is still there; one must try to respect every gain of sand as if it were God.

This kind of compassion and respect for all is what opens the door to Oneness Consciousness within. It is not something that can be realized quickly, no matter how many blessings you receive. Many lifetimes of spiritual practice and service must be lived to awaken this profound consciousness. Discernment and compassion for all that exists must be one’s way of being. Oneness is another term for Enlightenment--waking up to Love Consciousness and living as it. Many are enlightened to a degree, but still have much to work through. If one does not see the truth of their spiritual level, they will be fooled into thinking they are free. This only leads to more suffering, and endless lifetimes in Samsara. Search for the Truth of your nature within; find a True Master who will take you from illusion to Truth.

Once Oneness is truly awakened within, there are many levels of God Consciousness to ascend to. This is done through the Grace of the Guru, and ones efforts in sadhana and service. Sadhana is spiritual practice, meditation, mantra, service to others, devotion to the Guru; all pave the way to diminishing the ego, resolve habit patterns and karma. These practices are our tools to Enlightenment; one must use them to truly know Oneness.

There are no short cuts. The desire to awaken must be present, and the knowledge of the universe and the discernment to know a True Master must be present. Look for the highest of Gurus and seek out their company. Ammachi is a SatGuru whose Grace is endless and profound, embracing the world with LOVE daily. The Dalai Lama is another master who is living Truth, with the ability to awaken Truth. Their Grace is a million times higher than even a lower level true Guru. If you were sick, would you not try to find the best doctor?

One cannot awaken to God Consciousness with false teachers. There are many teachers, but only those who have awakened and have the gift to awaken others can help. Many have spent their lives with great Masters and have the consciousness to awaken others to a higher level of True nature by their mere presence.

This is the realm of transformation, and the goal is to awaken to Love/God consciousness. There are many levels to this awakening. Not all can be with a Sat Guru. You may find you are with a spiritual teacher, find you have awakened consciousness but may find you have outgrown them. This is a normal process, as we awaken to higher levels of consciousness we may find the need for a more advanced Master; now is a good time to look for a Sat Guru. This is normal; we grow towards Love each in our own way, and with our own gifts. What is important is that we transform, for this is the purpose of the dream state.

Good news, these lifetimes that seem so long and arduous in Truth are like a second passing, like snapping your fingers, so if we need many lifetimes to awaken to Love it is not an endless process. In Truth we are this God consciousness already; we just need to awaken to it.

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