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Path of Love


Unfoldment of Love Consciousness is a gradual opening of the unknown, beyond identity. You may not even be aware that this process is happening until you begin to see yourself as illusion. Now there are egos that will use the spiritual information to bolster their Identity. Identity is a limited space, so a chance to make it more special is grasped and then we have spiritualized egos. This state is a shame, for its misses the true purpose of spiritualty, which is to resolve the ego so the authentic Self may awaken. So for many, this is very difficult; they are then caught by the ego. The best thing to do is leave these people alone. Maybe in their next life they will be ready. Those who are dealing with very strong body issues, or mental illness, they should also be careful. The spiritual path can be divine but also difficult. There are many obstacles to Awakening; you must be vigilant. For example, you are with a Guru, and think I am with Guru, I am fine. No you are with Guru to Awaken, and Guru will do anything toward this purpose. The Guru has a very tight grip on you, and will bring much to the surface. This is not an easy path, in Truth a difficult path, but it is best if tolerated. It is an accelerated evolution to seeing God in all. Those doing service are either building good karma or paying a karmic debt. Many will say she is good, she is doing a lot of service, but they do not know the Truth. If you only see the surface, you will never wake up. One must look deeper. The Truth lies within you, you need only to let go of all blocking it. Truth is Eternal; this is the reason to awaken, to know the Truth of the universe.

If you do not awaken, do good deeds, it will come in another life time. If you pretend, you will be darkening you karma. The Path of Devotion is one in surrender to a great Master, Guru, or Sat Guru. The Guru will know who is to Awaken, and who is doing good deeds, and who is angry and who is sad. The Guru knows all, she is the reason to Awaken, and her brilliance alone, her Presence of the Divine is alluring and brings those that have reached maturity to her. They are now under her protection and Love, no matter how many have flocked to the Guru. I am speaking of a Sat Guru; the embodiment of God, just a glance can change your life. So this is a great way to unfold. Unfolding in the Guru’s arms, letting go of your will and surrendering your will to the Will of the Guru is for our own benefit. We know not what the Sat Guru knows, the future, our past and karma, our true dharma. So when you unfold with a Maha Master the journey may be bumpy, but you will unfold. The nature of such a being is Eternal, so you have this connection forever. Sometimes many reincarnate with same Master, each time gaining consciousness to awaken to the Eternal.

There is that which is impermanent, does not last like a pencil or physical body it will stop working. In the world most do not know the true purpose of life, they just gather money and possessions, but all is impermanent; many waste their life. Permanence, this is beyond the sight of most, but as one unfolds they begin to understand and then experience, and then God/Guru has you. Now you are on the right track, no longer wasting life energy. The difficulty in getting a body originally to evolve is great, but there is no knowledge of this in the world. Best to allow them to learn. If not in this life they will awaken in another. One must understand it is karma to live in Truth or Ignorance. So it is best not to judge. This life they live this way, maybe next life they choose consciousness. This is a long process to awaken to very high levels and can take many lifetimes. If you are with a Great Master, it will take less time. They can take the karma so the journey is made shorter. If you are with a Great Master, a Sat Guru, and stay and behave, they have taken you in and will know your heart. This is a brief insight into the path of devotion; in truth unfoldment can come in many different ways. The highest purpose to know Truth is that you are God. In truth it does not matter how you unfold, as long as you do. Many say I have not found my Master, or I am not sure of the path. Best to find a path that suits you. All paths are just a stepping stone. The path does not matter as long as all arrive at the same place. But be wise-- it should be a good path based in the Eternal.

Life becomes Love

When life becomes Love all is an offering to the divine. There is no me, just this Love pouring out to all others. This is the state of Love Embodiment; it is a wonderful glimpse at the state the Sat Guru is constantly in. It does come with many wonders and great Bliss; however it is a sign that True Awakening is within your grasp. This is a high level of consciousness, the path of Love, but you must not stop becoming more conscious. This is just a sign post. It is not that common, but those who have experienced such Bliss are encouraged to move further along. This is the issue: there is consciousness and then there is Consciousness / God in Body. So many reach this place and they write books and they stop evolving. No this is the beginning of unfoldment, so one must have guidance. This is where you are tested and pushed to become a great being. These are trials and tribulations, and they can be quite difficult. But don’t worry because it is in your best interest. Many are spiritual seekers, but they know not what they seek. Many are tested. Your strengths may be good for certain spiritual works. The tests are to see what is the best place for you as an Enlightened being. This is at a relatively high level of consciousness; those that do not belong are sent back, so these tests are very important. It is best to have some conscious knowledge of these tests, to traverse them. It may be difficult, unfolding under these circumstances while being tested. You must go forward with no fear, and pass the tests. You have heard of the Catholic Saints, and the tests they are put through. It is similar to this process. It depends on the Destiny of the being. how high they are meant to go as love consciousness. We all have a Destiny; Love Consciousness has a destiny for us all. We cannot know this destiny until we are ready to fulfill it, hence the tests. This is a high level. Once the tests come, be vigilant and aware; these tests are linked to your destiny.


When one reaches such heights of Love Consciousness, they are free. Free from ego, karma, even the realm. To resolve karma, to be free of the good and the bad, one is neutral. This neutrality allows for wisdom and Truth to be allowed to flourish. Without this perspective of non-attachment, one can fall prey to their own beliefs or the beliefs of another. When one is attached to a situation working out a certain way, they are acting from ego, the limited self. This only causes unhappiness for all involved. There are even wars over such lack of neutrality and non-attachment. Often you may expect a situation to go one way, and it takes a terrible turn. Most would get upset. Instead, if one has no attachment how the situation plays out there is likely going to be a more peaceful ending. However if the person is overly attached for a certain experience, say marriage, and they do not find this, they can waste a lifetime looking for this experience. It is a shame, because we all came for a reason, and have work to do, so if we are attached to living a certain way, your dharma may be lost. Attachment is one of the first vibrations to fall away. When one is free, he or she has no expectations as to how the situation goes. This freedom allows for great leaps in consciousness. The obstacles are easily handled as well as the more blissful times. If one is alone, and does spiritual practice, they may grow and experience Peace, but if that same being is placed in the middle of a noisy crowd, their peace falls away. This is a case of attachment; the being cannot be Peace as long as it matters where he is or how many people. So there is some attachment here, to how things have to be.

Imagine you are driving on the freeway and the car suddenly stops. Do you panic or just call a service station, wait an hour and continue your Journey? This is an important concept to grasp. Any desire will create attachment, any anger or emotion will create attachments, any thoughts or expectations form attachment. It is easy to be attached; this is a worldly way to live, which only creates suffering. Much of the time what we are so attached to is not in our best interest. Old wounding and grudges should be resolved. They create a cycle of karmic anger and hatred. These can be very damaging, making it impossible to live as Love. When one realizes this, everything changes. When you have no attachment to the outcome, often one is surprised what happens. You have turned over your will, and in allowing Divine Will, it brings with it Truth, Bliss and Peace. You see the outcome may be better than you could even have imagined. When Gandhi was a young man they treated him badly for the color of his skin. Yet in his later years he was treated with great honor and devotion by millions. If Gandhi would have not been in non-attachment, basically riding on the wings of God Consciousness, he may have gotten angry and started fights, never becoming the Great Mahatma that freed India and Pakistan as well. If he had faltered and blocked Gods Will, his dharma, life’s work would have been lost. Millions would never have experienced freedom, and the cycle of abuse would have continued. Your Dharma may affect millions, so it is important not to throw it away for material objects. This kind of awakening is beyond the grasp of most.

To understand the basic laws of Eternal life allows one to be vigilant in their awareness of attachment. Attachment seems to fall away quickly for those on the spiritual path. It is that one wound, or that one desire that can keep one bound to worldliness, which in turn causes one to miss the chance to live as Peace, Bliss, and Love Consciousness. There can be difficulties along the path to awakening of love consciousness. When there is a strong desire to awaken, and great spiritual knowledge present, but one cannot awaken to Love/God Consciousness, this may be a case of karma. This Karma is very strong but may not be the reason for the lack of spiritual Awakening. If you are someone like this but feel like nothing is happening, you are expecting spiritual experiences based on how you think Enlightenment will be. Truly there are many spiritual experiences, but having them or not has very little to do with the Truth of one’s Consciousness. Many get discouraged, feeling he is doing so much better than me. This is false, how could you know, he may leave the next day and never come back. So to compare ourselves with others is a waste and it provides excuses for why we are not on a spiritual path. If you are to be truthful with yourself, there may be many reasons one does not want to be spiritualized--loss of self is the most popular. The self has guided you, worked hard, helps you live life; but it is an invention of man. To function in the world, man created a structure called the ego. It allows for the being to function prior to the Awakening of God/Love Consciousness. It serves its purpose, and then it falls at the feet of the Divine once Great Consciousness is awakened. This is part of the natural evolution of the species.

There are many reasons the ego has for being difficult. It has been identity for decades, so to let go of identity is not that easy. Many ego structures are not healthy, and they have many ways to engage the individual, keeping the ego structure intact. So it is not an easy proposition to be free of ego, but it has great rewards-- for one you no longer exist, only the Divinity that you are exists. This Divinity is Love, Compassion, Grace, and Bliss; just some spiritual qualities that arise once one is Living as Love. The most powerful way to resolve the ego is service, or seva. Many living this spiritual path are actually working off the ego; many Karma as well. One devoted to a Sat Guru has many mays to resolve the ego, mantra, meditation, devotion, service, and more. This is Sadhana or spiritual practice, and with the Love of Guru/God behind our actions, more is accomplished with less doing.

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