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Karma and the Path of Devotion

The Absolute

Many ask about karma. Karma is what keeps you here incarnating in physical form. The object is to resolve the karma along the soul’s journey; the soul exists as long as there is karma. When you are in a period of burden, you often think, “this is bad karma”, but this is not true. Some difficult periods are freeing karma so you may live in more ease in the future. We are made up of karma or we would not be here. This is our way to uncover the Absolute. Many say just the knowledge of the absolute allows them to ground there, and that they are just visiting. Like in meditation, you are visiting the vastness that is you, the absolute. Each time you visit the absolute consciousness, you leave like a foot print, and eventually you can ground there. This takes much meditation practice, but great rewards are received. So if you are meditating, keep doing it or do more.

Being Grateful

Many say, “that man is bad because he stole from me, so I will go back and harm him”. This is the wrong view. If you are living from love, you are not attached to the fact that the man stole from you. You go about calling the police and care for the issue in a calm and detached manner. If anything comes of it, this too does not offend or bring joy. This is the right attitude, to be overly kind, but from detachment. Many make the mistake of being very kind and they do not realize that they are attached to others acting similarly or at least being grateful. They become very angry and feel they have been kind and taken advantage of, and the situation can spiral out of control. When you have no attachment, everything changes. Everything is different; the whole world changes for the better. This is something you must practice. Emotions are very strong and can take over, so be vigilant. If you love another and you expect them to love you back, this is not real love. This is the wrong attitude. Many suffer here. With one’s mate, or family, one must have no expectations. This is very freeing for you and all involved. This changes the dynamics of the situation. This will also resolve karma because it is conscious behavior and many will not suffer. There are many ways to awaken Consciousness: spiritual practice, devotion to a Great soul, and living as love, free of attachments and especially doing good deeds.

Breaking Karma

Karma can be very strong, for many reasons. Some are resolving the karma of many lifetimes; they may be a high master. Some even come to liberate, others live karmic lives to burn karma quickly. Others have much bad karma to burn in all lifetimes. The right attitude for life is that all is karma, everything good and everything bad--all is karma. So if you have a bad period in life, it is karma. No need to worry. Life has rhythm to it, and you will come back to center. Some blame others for bad situations, and yes they are responsible for their actions, but this is your karma. It is pointless to blame. Even if you leave a bad situation, the karma will follow you. So how do you live with this very strong karma? It is best to burn. There are many ways for a strong devotee to burn karma so life is manageable. First is to tell your Guru, write a letter, then do a simple ceremony to break karma, and then do mantra to break karma as well. These are specific instructions that actually work; the Guru’s Grace along with your sincere devotion through Sacred Ceremony brings Divine Love which is no match for karma. A Great Master can work with karma and release it. It is best to live through a rough period than to run. If the situation is dangerous then go. Otherwise this is just karma. If one loses this understanding, one spirals into worldly reasons and actions that only make life more difficult. Try to remember that it is you ultimately responsible for your experience, and you do have ways to behave that will temper karma.

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