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The Path of Love Unfolds

The Mind

So many say karma is making life difficult. But sometimes it is the mind that is making the trouble. The mind is telling you not to stay. The mind is very strong. It can take over, so we must control the mind. At first you can distract it with video games and television. At some point the mind will assert itself and it will be powerful for having been denied. Then the mind is the boss of you. It will tell you this is the wrong path when there is no wrong path. The mind works for the ego, and for long after the ego is gone, remnants will last. So how do we control the mind? We become aware. The more aware, the less powerful the mind.


So with awareness we can control the mind, and then the mind becomes like a mosquito, but if you have no awareness, the mind will go round and round. Sometimes the mind will take you from your spiritual path back to worldliness. Now we are in trouble. The dharma is lost and you will be lost in samsara; samsara is endless cycles of birth and death. It is best to control the mind with awareness then fall off the path of Consciousness. Many have been very high spiritually and they give into temptations and they are lost.

A Journey

So once you find your spiritual path, stay on it. This is also karma, very good karma. You have to be aware of the Truth of the situation before you begin the journey. Some say there is no Journey, just Enlightenment. For some it is less difficult, they may have had spiritual lifetimes, but for others it is very difficult. So this is why it is a journey, not instantaneous. Over many lifetimes for most Enlightenment will come. Do not be discouraged.

Many Gurus seek out those who have been with them before, in this spirit, gathering their flock. So do not expect enlightenment overnight. This is the soul’s journey. If you strongly desire enlightenment and you are not ready, it will bring suffering in the form of strong periods where karma is being burned. So do not push, just allow. This is a natural evolution of the awakening of Love Consciousness.


Many wonder why so many people are involved with spirituality, meditating and reading books. The benefits are great, as Oneness, the world is seen as one organism and the earth and humanity would be at Peace. So even a little bit of these benefits for self and others goes far. Many are bright lights hidden in special places; others are out in the world for all to know the great joy and benefits of Love Consciousness, living from the authentic self. So these spiritual beings are doing their dharma, the work they have come to do. They are carrying the burden for all of us.

Good Works

Many Sat Gurus have millions of followers, but how many following are really living as Love? This is false that all involved in spirituality are doing good works. Many are false and one must be aware enough to know the difference, as they can lead you down the wrong path. In the path of Devotion, when choosing Guru or Master, choose well. It can affect your destiny. One Guru may be of lower Consciousness than another, like a Sat or Truth Guru, so their desire for you can only go that high.

The Guru

Your final destiny on the path of Devotion depends on the Guru, so pick well. No matter how much we do for ourselves spiritually, the Guru can do far more. In many cases the Sat Guru will take the karma through devotion and the being will awaken to profound depths as Supreme Consciousness, now making a difference in the world just through their Presence. Many seek out these people because of their light, looking to gain in Consciousness, but one cannot just wait to be lifted, one must make effort.

There are benefit all along the Awakening, great Bliss and Joy, Spiritual experiences, a life of Peace, and Kindness. These are just a few of the benefits of ascending in Consciousness. If one is at a higher level they may be in alignment with the Guru, that is to say, in attunement with their vibration. Through this attunement some have great abilities of healing and powers of ascension. There may be a book of pure Consciousness, among the many. So these are the benefits on a worldly level, Consciousness, allowing our authentic self. Be one with the vastness, the Universal energy behind all that exists.


Imagine a ring made of silver, and then a bracelet, then a necklace. They are all different shapes, serve different purposes, and they are separate from each other. Now look at what they are all made of, all made of silver. This is very much like the world, we all seem different and separate, but we are all made of the same substance, Consciousness. This is the secret of the universe; it is far more than the eye can see. Many have no idea of the truth of their existence.


The world has become egoistic in nature, based on collective ego. This is an issue because, once a system of life is established from the core of ego, it creates itself over and over again swallowing up the world. The next generation is born into this wrong way of being and carries on the egocentric ways, and the world gets darker. Many believe jails would not exist if the system was bases on kindness. If there are terrorists it is because someone has been terrorized, and now innocent people get hurt. So Kindness is the first step on the spiritual path, kindness without expectation. Kindness itself is the greatest benefit found on the spiritual path.

Rite Attitude

Those without a path but have a spiritual inclination, allow it and look for a Great Master, a Sat Guru. If a path arises, it is one way to True Nature. Many do not believe that another can wake up, for they are still without awareness, without Enlightenment themselves, or jealous, the ego acting out. This is not the right attitude. You must be happy for others who have become Conscious for their mere Presence can unburden you.

The Light that Kindness Brings.

Rite attitude

The best attitude is kindness, no matter the circumstance; try to allow it to come from the vastness within. Some situations bring trouble when one is jealous of another’s awakening. Some may be scared to ask for advice and another may call them a fraud. This is ego based, so pay it no attention. If you have a body you will experience this plane and it is a difficult Yuga or time for humanity. So all the light is needed, and if you act in kindness then you too are carrying this light. Imagine if all were sincerely kind, without the ego, what a world it would be. Just think of the forests that would populate the world, what a benefit that would be

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