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Kindness on the Path of Love

Right Attitude

Those without a path but have a spiritual inclination, allow it and look for a Great Master, a Sat Guru. If a path arises, it is one way to True Nature. Many do not believe that another can wake up, for they are still without awareness, without Enlightenment themselves, or jealous, the ego acting out. This is not the right attitude. You must be happy for others who have become Conscious for their mere Presence can unburden you. Kindness is the right attitude always.

The Light that Kindness Brings

The best attitude is kindness, no matter the circumstance; try to allow it to come from the vastness within. Some situations bring trouble when one is jealous of another’s awakening. Some may be scared to ask for advice and another may call them a fraud. This is ego based, so pay it no attention. If you have a body you will experience this plane and it is a difficult Yuga or time for humanity. So all the light is needed, and if you act in kindness then you too are carrying this light. Imagine if all were sincerely kind, without the ego, what a world it would be. Just think of the forests that would populate the world, what a benefit that would be.


Many believe that one’s health depends on how they care for the body and the genetic issues; however the Great Saints and Sages do not even bother with the body, and their health is excellent. Health must start within. If one is true, the ego has fallen, the vibration of the being purified, one can experience extraordinary health, and even illness can fall away. So, why is this? The body is a projection of the Absolute, once this is revealed, the perception of the body changes.

Many are ill due to false love, this love seems authentic but is ego based. The conscious or unconscious mind of another is using the being for their own purposes. This is very common in the West, for they are competing for money and status. Even in family this false love exists, so one must be vigilant.

If you are in false love, change the way of being on the physical realm. Find a way to be truth fully as love, this is unconditional love. It will not come easy; it may even go against survival of ego. As you consciously take every action with love, the false love will fall away.

So one must look beyond the body for True health, and it begins with Love. Love is Eternal, so its expression from a true heart can resolve all that is false. One must have consciousness to realize this, to understand that Love is the key to health. Many will be put out of business, if the whole world was Conscious and Living as Love.


How do we become conscious at these levels? Many have done sadhana for many life times, so they achieve high Conscious more easily when putting forth effort. Many are newer to spirituality, the soul’s Journey, the lifetimes we seem to live. One must give good effort in spiritual practice, devote one’s whole life to Love; this is the way to Awaken. So nothing is impossible, it is actually more difficult to live a life of ignorance than one of Awakening.

One must strive for the Point of perfection, where the projection falls away and only the divine is left. One must use the knowledge and wisdom, like a muscle, to ground as Love/Consciousness. Much practice is required to live in a new way. Many come to a monastery or Ashram to find an atmosphere of Consciousness. There are many of these places all over the world and many are very special; they have a True Master.

Give whole life to God

Many say I am not making progress, my karma is very strong, but are you giving your whole life to God? If not you must, find a path to God, to help resolve your karma through effort and devotion. So you see the life is set, but even you can alter it with the desire for God Consciousness. One must not think I am not special, I must pretend. This is a big problem. So many people are talking spirituality, but they have no experience. Here the ego is at a disadvantage, it is pressed to create the landscape without the real ability. Here ego gets bigger, a spiritual layer is formed.

False Teachings

Some take spiritual knowledge from books without any True experience; and go on speaking tours and they are very dangerous. Many hear or read these books and begin also to think wrongly. You are not being educated by a True Spiritual Master. This can cause all kinds of issues. One thing to look for, can they take karma; only a true Master can do this.

Without experience of a True Spiritual Master one is at a disadvantage. The spiritual perspective is very different from a worldly view. A True Spiritual Master passes along Truth to their devotees. They then develop awareness to know the difference between a True Master and a false one. False Teachings are very dangerous and time wasting. They create a false reality for the person and how they see the world.

False Love

When one has the awareness that they are in false love, they should begin to be overly kind to those involved. This will break the karma; the power of Love is infinite. You must understand that this false love may have done grave harm to others, so be patient and ask for forgiveness. Much is given when a True heart is asking for it. Love is overflowing with forgiveness, grace, Joy and Bliss, once you have discovered this Love Consciousness within you.

Divine Alignment

How to access theses high levels of Consciousness? Start with awareness, this is the first step. When one acts in awareness their perspective and actions begin to align with the Eternal. This alignment is very important because it eventually puts us in attunement with the Vibration of love Consciousness. So like a radio, there is a frequency that Love Consciousness exists on. This attunement process can be of meditation, mantra, service and devotion.


The world has become egoistic in nature, based on collective ego. This is an issue because, once a system of life is established from the core of ego, it creates itself over and over again swallowing up the world. The next generation is born into this wrong way of being and carries on the egocentric ways, and the world gets darker. Many believe jails would not exist if the system was bases on kindness. If there are terrorists it is because someone has been terrorized, and now innocent people get hurt. So Kindness is the first step on the spiritual path, kindness without expectation. Kindness itself is the greatest benefit found on the spiritual path.

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